Durance Perfumed Candles


Burns for approximately 40 hours

These artisan scented candles are made and decorated by hand in the Durance workshops in Grignan, Provence. 
A unique blend of waxes, specially selected for their quality, ensures consistent and complete burn of the wax contained in the glass as well as optimal diffusion of the fragrance
The perfumes that make up the Durance handmade candles are made ​​by Master Grasse perfumers:

Choose from fifteen fragrances:

Jasmine - highly floral one of the stronger fragrances

Verbena - clean, fresh and lemony

Fig Milk - very popular with lighter top notes than the usual fig fragrance

Cotton Flower - fresh, light floral

Orange Cinnamon - warm and comforting

Lavender - herbacious floral

Silver Cedar - woody, more masculine fragrance

Orange Blossom - neroli

Rose - medium floral

Cashmere wood - soft, woody

Pomegranate - fruity

Black Leather - leather, spicy

Precious Wood - woody, amber

Vanilla - warm vanilla

Patchouli - woody, spicy


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