Rose Hip Oil January 17 2014

Rose Hips have been used for their medical and health benefits for years.  They are rich in vitamin C and Clair Loewenfeld of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children pioneered the use of rosehip syrup as a source of vitamin C during the second world war when citrus fruits were in short supply.

Rose Hip oil is rich in anti-oxidants like lycopene and vitamin A derivatives.  Some of those vitamin A derivatives are the same as active ingredients in pharmaceutical skin creams for photo-damaged skin.  Because these ingredients are very sensitive the oil has to be extracted using a cold press method that doesn't cause any unnecessary stress.

Rosehip oil has been used for centuries and doesn't get the kind of celebrity endorsements and big budget advertising that big name skincare enjoy.  But it continues to win people over.


Artful Teasing Hand Creams contain cold pressed rose hip oil.

Five Facts About Bergamot Oil January 11 2014

  • Bergamot can only be grown in very special low fertility soil and a mild climate.  It was first grown in the Calabria region of Italy which is where the best oil still comes from.
  • Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its unique taste.  The leaves are flavoured with bergamot oil. This was originally frowned upon and at least one tea trader appeared in court for adding an artificial flavour to his tea.
  • Half of all fine fragrances for women contain bergamot oil.
  • In 2010 scientists reported that bergamot oil showed a similar ability to reduce anxiety to Diazapam.
  • The first fragrance that we know contained bergamot oil was Eau de Cologne, which has been in production since the early seventeenth century

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