Car Fragrances. Car Fragrances? Car Fragrances! January 13 2014

There are some things only an Italian chemist could come up with.  Dr Vranjes has come up with three fragrances to use in your car.  Presumably he drives an Italian car, something stylish of course. Anyway, he offers you two ways of giving your car the aroma of Italian style.  You can get a spray or scented strips.  There is nothing quite like that new car smell, but these come a close second.

Cuoio Classico (Classic leather) has a basic leather note, as do all three.  It  has a strong sandalwood element reminiscent of forests as twilight falls.  There is more than a hint of spice as well. This would suit the experienced and worldly man whose track record means he has got nothing to prove.


Cuoio Vero (Genuine leather) is a sharper more get up and go scent.  I think I can pick up the citrusy note of lemon and maybe some orange in there somewhere. It speaks of dynamism, energy and charisma. This is the fragrance for a man who is going places.  In his car.


Cuoio Nobile (Noble leather) Some cars, some men and some fragrances just ooze power and natural elegance. In Nobile the leather is enveloped in violet leaves with hints of precious woods: Vetiver, Briar Wood and Cedarwood.  


All of these fragrances are alcohol free so there is no risk that they will harm the interior of your mean machine.   The scented strips are particularly convenient, they can just be left somewhere discrete to do their job.  The bottle used for the sprays is square jawed and masculine in shape with a real hard wood top.  It says luxury and elegance before you even open it.  



Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving Cream Lime and Pomegranate January 10 2014


The first thing you notice about this product is the subtle citrusy smell.  Lime is not the most obvious of fragrances for a shaving cream but it works really well,  giving a warmth as well as a freshness.


The second thing you notice is the pearliness.  It shimmers.  It applies easily to the skin without any fuss.  Although it is described as a shaving cream, and it looks like a shaving cream, what it really is a particularly thick liquid soap.  And when I say soap, I mean soap as in the stuff you can make by boiling vegetable oil and caustic soda in an open kettle.  (The brightly coloured liquid soaps you see in supermarkets are made from synthetic detergents.)  This product is a potassium soap which makes it softer than tablet soap which is a sodium soap.  The consistency is achieved with beeswax.  There is some pomegranate seed extract as well  - this gives some healing antioxidant power.  So when they say it is 99.9% natural, they aren't joking.



So how was the shave?  Smooth in the extreme with no irritating after feel.   It was a good start to the day. 



Durance Fresh Mint Eau de Toilette for Men January 07 2014




Mint isn't an obvious base for a personal fragrance, not even for men. But there is more to the smell of mint than its common use in sweets and liqueurs. Nothing quite matches the piquancy of freshly picked mint. In fact there is only a hint of the mint in this well balanced blend. The mint is there all right but it just gives it a cleanness and freshness which is, well, clean and refreshing. The main body of the smell is green and herbaceous. It is distinct but not intrusive.  

The final result is down to earth and businesslike. Despite Durance's Mediterranean heritage, this is a fragrance that would be very at home a cosmopolitan place like Paris.On the skin you begin to get notes of suede and maybe a hint of leather coming through. It almost evokes the smell of the first drive in a new car.

The distinctive indented flask shape that Durance use for their L'Òme Eau de Toilette range is coloured subtle blue, avoiding the cliché of green for mint. It would not look out of place on any bathroom shelf or bedroom cabinet.